What to Know

  • an extensive variety & styles of granite monuments of the highest quality
  • personalized epitaphs and designs
  • personalized diamond impact etched, portraits and scenes
  • a large variety of markers in granite and bronze
  • columbaria and mausoleums
  • accessories: urns, flower vases, porcelain photos, statues, grave covers
  • inscriptions done on site
  • foundation repair
  • delivery service
  • custom monuments designed to your particular specifications in all languages and faiths
  • satisfaction guaranteed
Selecting Your Memorialist

When selecting a memorialist choose a reputable, long standing Monument company. A properly constructed monument will last for generations so you should be looking for a company that has proven itself over time and generations also. Whether it’s for maintenance, upkeep or the addition of a final date on a double monument you want to be assured the monument company will be there to assist your family in the future.

When choosing a memorialist ask questions to determine their experience and qualifications. Chose a memorialist you and your family feel confident with, or get referrals if you are not sure. Never purchase your memorial from a door to door salesman or a telephone solicitor as usually they are just that… sales people… and not true memorialists who have the interests of the family in mind. They are usually only interested in making a sale and not in commemorating your loved one in granite. It is usually a good idea to visit the place of business to determine the type of quality they produce and to ascertain their stability in the community.

Look for a local company that offer a large selection as well as quality material and craftsmanship. Remember, A monument is not only there to say John and Jane are buried here, But to say that they lived, loved and were loved. Throughout the ages, monuments have stood as the last and most enduring statement that marks the passing of a unique and special life. Monuments will always remain an endearing symbol of devotion and respect, a token of happy memories, and a lasting tribute to a distinctive life.

Personalizing your Monument

A truly unique statement in stone is the result of many elements. It is the delicate combination of texture, shape and colour combined with artful designs, lettering, symbols and epitaphs. A monument can serve to commemorate a person’s occupation, a unique talent, a favourite pastime, a special place or the expression of a devout faith. In this manner, a memorial speaks symbolically of the life of a loved one for generations to come. More specifically there is a rainbow of granite colours to choose from as well as countless shapes of monuments that can be created specifically for you.

Families may wish to decorate the monument with a multitude of carvings depicting anything from religious beliefs, to past-times and hobbies, to accomplishments in life or even their employment. There are also other adornments such as delicate bronze motifs on the face of the monument or attached statuary and vases for flowers or solar powered lamps to show your eternal love and remembrance.

The etching of loved ones portraits directly onto the granite are becoming very popular as well as etching farm and cabin scenes or a beautiful nature scene for the naturalist or hunter. It is not necessarily the size or cost of a monument that will determine the beauty and effect of a monument but the thought, skill, design and craftsmanship that will set your family monument apart from the rest.

By simply adding a small symbol or adornment to the stone, it can change the entire aspect or expression of the memorial. When family and friends look at a monument and say “Wow! Now that’s Bill and Betty!” the memorialist has done his job well. Throughout the ages, monuments have stood as the last and most enduring statement that marks the passing of a unique and special life. Monuments will always remain an endearing symbol of devotion and respect, a token of happy memories, and a lasting tribute to a distinctive life.

Costs and Other Considerations

When purchasing a monument, the cost will most certainly be a factor in your decision making. The price of a monument or marker will vary depending on the following:

  • Colour of Granite
  • Size of the stone
  • Finish or amount of polish

Most reputable companies will not charge for the inscription on the stone. It is usually understood that a monument will have names, dates, an epitaph along with a carved ornamental design which should be included in the purchase price. This would be like a car salesman saying ‘Oh you want tires with your car?’ However it is acceptable for a reputable monument company to charge for an inscription that would be done to complete a final date after the monument is installed in the cemetery.

Usually the grey granite base and the installation of the stone in the cemetery is included in the price unless otherwise mentioned. Be sure to clarify any questions you would have regarding future costs or warranties. Please be aware that cost should not be your only consideration when purchasing a memorial — Mediocrity will linger long… after the savings are forgotten. Granite quality, craftsmanship and design are integral parts of a properly constructed monument. Other cost factors may be custom design work such as etched portraits, custom farm or cottage scenes or any other additional vase, statue or decoration you may request.

Whenever possible, shop pre-need before making your final decision. You have a right to purchase your monument or marker from a company other than the cemetery or funeral home. If anyone tries to tell you that you must purchase exclusively from the cemetery or funeral Director, get them to put it in writing. This document will serve as evidence against The Restraint of Trade or the Anti-Combines act of Manitoba.

No company can force a family to purchase exclusively from them. At the time of need, if the family is too emotional or grief-stricken, designate a family member or a trusted friend to assist in making all decisions at this most vulnerable time of your life. When the death of a loved one occurs, purchase only those items needed at that time. It is not advisable to purchase a monument from a telephone solicitor or a door-to-door salesman as they could be fly by night operations or simply not true memorialist professionals with your best interests at heart. Try to allow some time between the passing of a loved one and the purchase of a suitable memorial as time is a great healer and thus your purchase will be a less emotional purchase.

Your decision will be a purchase of clarity, thought and love and not of grief. Do not allow yourself to become a victim during this most difficult time in your life.

Know your Cemetery – Rules & Regulations

The Cemetery… The final resting place for your loved one. Do you really know what is allowed at the cemetery you chose? There are many elements to consider before selecting your cemetery plot. There may be different rules and regulations from section to section in the same cemetery, so do not assume they are all the same. When purchasing a plot, if possible shop pre-need and shop around before purchasing. The family should question the cemetery as to the rules and regulations relating to the type of memorial permitted within the particular section.

There may be size restrictions as well as different materials allowed, such as granite and bronze or flat markers versus upright memorials. Go to the site to make sure that the section and area you’ve chosen is indeed what you expect. Ask for prices of all the sections in the cemetery as they can, and do vary from section to section. If you have purchased a sealed casket, you are not required to purchase a vault as this is a more expensive option. A vault has a sealed top whereas a liner is not sealed. They are both made of concrete and usually have holes in the bottom to provide proper drainage. Ask for the gauge of the metal casket you are purchasing as the higher the number, the thinner and therefore cheaper the cost and gauge.

When purchasing pre-need, always get the cost for opening and closing the grave and ask for a copy of any other costs that may occur in the future. Obtain rules concerning flowers, plantings or even artificial flower arrangements, that you may like to place on the property, as they may not allow a variety of options. Many cemeteries only allow flowers in vases attached to the base of the memorial. When purchasing a plot in garden type cemeteries that only allow flat lawn markers, ask and be aware of the installation fees these cemeteries may charge to install the marker on your property.