Memorials are one of mankind’s  oldest traditions. Throughout the ages, they have stood as the last and most enduring statement that marks the passing of a unique and special life. Memorials will always remain an endearing symbol of devotion and respect, a token of happy memories, and a lasting tribute as a remembrance that someone has lived and was loved.

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“Whenever possible, shop pre-need before making your final decision. You have a right to purchase your monument or marker from a company other than the cemetery or funeral home. If anyone tries to tell you that you must purchase exclusively from the cemetery or funeral Director, get them to put it in writing. This document will serve as evidence against The Restraint of Trade or the Anti-Combines act of Manitoba. No company can force a family to purchase exclusively from them. At the time of need, if the family is too emotional or grief-stricken, designate a family member or a trusted friend to assist in making all decisions at this most vulnerable time of your life. When the death of a loved one occurs, purchase only those items needed at that time. It is not advisable to purchase a monument from a telephone solicitor or a door-to-door salesman as they are simply not true memorialist professionals with your best interests at heart. Try to allow some time between the passing of a loved one and the purchase of a suitable memorial as time is a great healer and thus your purchase will be a less emotional purchase.”


  • an extensive variety & styles of granite monuments of the highest quality
  • personalized epitaphs and designs
  • personalized diamond impact etched, portraits and scenes
  • a large variety of markers in granite and bronze
  • columbaria and mausoleums
  • accessories: urns, flower vases, porcelain photos, statues, grave covers
  • inscriptions done on site
  • foundation repair
  • delivery service
  • custom monuments designed to your particular specifications in all languages and faiths
  • satisfaction guaranteed