The people at Brunet Monuments are passionate about what they do. We originally went through a funeral home for a monument and found the price to be quite high and their selection was a catalogue. Wanting to look around to see if that was standard, we visited Brunet Monuments who were a local place whose sign we often saw. Their setup is not fancy but it is honest, personable, and you feel the passion. When we walked in, the owner met with us to discuss things and showed us actual samples and possibilities. Explaining our father and his passions, he seemed to get inspired and immediately showed us a style and design that we felt would be perfect. We were able to incorporate a metal cross into the monument. I can’t tell you how amazing it looked. Their communication was amazing, no gimmicks, no pressure, just desire to serve the community. At some point, the cross had fallen off. We contacted them and without any further discussion, they took it as a challenge and fixed the problem and many years later, no problems! Oh, and another thing, more than half the price than the funeral home.

Lise Taillefer, March 10, 2017